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Keys to Interview Success

Posted in on Job Post at 22 Dec, 2011

Communication skills are the most critical factor to interview success.  That’s what we hear from hiring manager as they evaluate candidates for positions in their organizations.  While many other characteristics are important, the candidate’s ability to explain, in a concise manner, what they do well and how that applies to the hiring firm’s needs will likely determine whether they are given serious consideration.

Several other interviewing characteristics are given high priority by Virginia firms.  Demonstrating these in an interview setting will greatly improve your chances of interview success.

Technical proficiency is an obvious requirement for most positions. While most firms expect to provide training to help a new hire get up to speed with the organization, candidates must have knowledge of the skills required to perform a job.

Teamwork abilities are also important. Everyone seems to be concerned that positions are filled with people who can contribute to a group effort and are willing to work as a part of a team.

Problem-solving skills are important to accounting and financial managers. People who are flexible, can work in less structured environments, and don’t need to rely on a bureaucracy to solve problems are preferred.

Finally, employers seem to highly value an intangible characteristic loosely identified as impact. The handshake, energy level, demeanor, and preparedness to interview all give the interviewer insight into a candidate’s business intelligence and leadership potential.

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